Mike Martin

Mike Martin is an SEO Expert, Author, Software Company Owner, SEO Agency Owner, Speaker and Sales Webinar Writing Expert with over 10 years experience building businesses and making them successful. 

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About Mike Martin

SEO Expert

Mike has over a decade of experience with local SEO and search engine marketing. He built one of the UK's largest locksmith companies using the same technique he implemented in his first software product Magic Page Plugin.


Mike is the Author of 5 books. 1 was a thriller and the other 4 books help entrepreneurs becoming more successful with their online businesses. 


Mike is the owner of 3 successful software products. Magic Page Plugin, Leads Simplify and Page ReWriter.


Mike is the owner and head of SEO at local SEO agency More Leads Local based in the seaside town of Weymouth England. The agency specialises in helping local businesses dominate their local markets. 


Mike is widely considered one of the best sales webinar writers in the industry. He has written hundreds of webinars grossing tens of millions in revenue for himself and his clients / students. 

Webinar Writing Service

Whats Included

  • Written with you webinar (Mike will need access to you / employee for 2 hrs a day for upto a month)
  • Rewrites and Tweaks (Maximum of 5 webinar runs then improvements and tweaks) 
  • Mike will perform your webinar and provide the recordings
  • Mike will run your webinar to his audience for commission (If it's a good fit) 
  • Mike will introduce you to his webinar community (If it's a good fit)
  • Mike will introduce you to event organisers who run webinars (Email list essential)

Webinar Cost

$100,000 (usd) up front plus 10% of revenue generated up to a total of $250,000


$100,000 and Mike himself will spend a full week at your office with your sales team walking them through the entire process step by step

Check out a few webinars written by Mike HERE

Software by Mike Martin

Magic Page Plugin is a highly acclaimed mass page builder, designed to enhance local SEO for businesses. It simplifies creating numerous SEO-optimized pages targeting local search terms, significantly boosting online visibility. Users can craft a single page, set a desired radius, and the plugin generates a unique, geolocation-specific page for each area within that radius. This results in improved Google rankings and increased local reach. The plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and includes features like dynamic backlink building, location database management, and customizable templates, making it a powerful tool for businesses aiming to dominate local search results.

Magic Page Plugin

Lead Simplify is an all-in-one automation platform designed to streamline business operations in areas like form sales, lead sales, and call sales. It offers features such as call center software, a drag-and-drop form builder, field staff management, and email & SMS marketing. The platform is tailored to collect, distribute, and sell phone and form leads automatically, enhancing productivity and profitability. It integrates seamlessly with tools like Twilio and Zapier, making it versatile for various business fields. Lead Simplify is praised for its user-friendly interface, efficient lead management system, and excellent customer support, making it a top choice for businesses seeking to run on autopilot.

Lead Simplify

Page Rewriter is an advanced content creation tool designed for SEO experts and writers aiming to rank in search engines. It offers a range of plans, including a free account with monthly credits and various paid options catering to different needs, from small blogs to large agencies. The tool is praised for its simplicity, power, and reliability, providing 100% ranking content that is human-readable and suitable for any industry worldwide. It integrates with Spin Rewriter, facilitating the fastest content creation process. Page Rewriter operates as a cloud-based service, eliminating the need for installation and offering unlimited support, making it a time-saving solution for content creators seeking efficient and effective SEO content.

Page ReWriter

"People will pay more for a faster route to their desired outcome, a higher chance of success and less sacrifice or effort for them"

Mike Martin

Success Approach

I have a simple approach to success with my software products that works for anyone. 

  • Find a common time consuming problem a specific type of business has.
  • Work out a way that problem can be solved using software.
  • Build the software, then show businesses how it saves them time / money / effort.
  • Get paid a small amount every single month from the businesses.

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